Eviga is Swedish for "eternal" or "everlasting". We believe that the decisions we make everyday have an everlasting impact on the world around us.
Fashion and beauty are important ways for people to express their personality and their beliefs. It should be a fun process - and a great outfit, or a good skincare routine, can be an important step to make people feel better about themselves.
So we want to help our customers make more informed choices.
Slowing down the speed with which we purchase. Inspiring you to find ways to update what you have or sourcing items second hand. Investing in timeless pieces that can be worn again and again and that are made from materials that have a limited negative impact on our Earth. Items produced as locally as possible and in working conditions that satisfy high standards of health and safety - not to mention fair pay.
We believe that even an imperfect attempt at making more sustainable choices is better than no attempt at all.
Eviga - Respectful of Nature